Greenville Maine is known as the gateway to the Moosehead Lake Region, which is well renowned in the United States for its gorgeous, wild, and untouched wilderness.  While dreamers often search for ways to discover the solitude and magnificence of Greenville, the founders of Moosehead Adventures discovered that there weren’t many places online that showcased the many attractions that are available here.  Vacationers and nature enthusiasts from around the world needed a one-stop shop where they could gather all of the information they needed to plan their adventure in the Moosehead Lake area… without having to miss out on anything. 

Moosehead Adventures was established in 2022 to provide people just like you with not only a glimpse of what you can expect while you are visiting, but a buffet of varied options that support our local businesses, travel experts, tour guides, and so much more.  Whether you are looking to find the perfect solitary fishing spot, or are planning the ultimate camping trip, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate central location to discover anything and everything you wanted to know about this region of majestic Maine. 

In addition to our expertise in providing you the information you need to plan the perfect trip, and our local knowledge of the area, we wanted to provide you with little nuggets of information about our fair town as seen from the local perspective.  Our blog outlines not only the magnificence of the area, and the adventures that await you here, but it gives you an in-depth look at the exciting things that happen here from the voice of the locals who know Greenville the best. 

Are you ready to enjoy the peace and quiet of the woodlands?  Are you excited to begin an adventure in a place where the moose outnumber people three to one?  Perhaps you are a free spirit who would simply like to cuddle up next to a fire in a cabin with amazing views of the lake, knowing that you can embark on incredible hiking trails right outside?  Whether your adventure includes hunting or boating, or shopping and dining, Moosehead Adventures is here to show you where you can get everything on your wish list done. 

The pristine beauty that opens up for adventurers of all kinds awaits you here in the Moosehead Lake area, and you don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy it, although there are plenty of things to do in the area if you are. If outdoor safaris, sledding, golfing, or being on the water doesn’t appeal to you, that’s okay.  We have plenty of museums, historical tours, spas, artisan shops, and amazing dining opportunities. 

There is a little of something for everyone here in Greenville, ME, and if you are looking for a central place to find it all from the folks how know it best, then you have come to the right place.  We are excited to help you discover your next Moosehead Adventure! 

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