Must-Have Ice Fishing Gear in 2022

Ice fishing is one of the most thrilling and exciting winter activities, and for the best possible experience, you should have the must-have ice fishing gear.

Ice fishing isn’t as simple as open water fishing. A lot more safety measures and fishing techniques are required. It would help if you had the right ice fishing gear and the perfect ice fishing tackle to penetrate the ice and quickly catch the fish.

Being an angler, you may find it very challenging to choose the best ice fishing gear. So, this article will be a useful guide for you.

Is Ice Fishing Gear Necessary?

Although winter fishing may be slightly more complicated than fishing in summer, it still is a simple concept. You have to cut a hole in the ice, drop in your ice fishing tackle, and pull fish to the surface. The only effort you need to make is to acquire the right ice fishing gear.

Ice fishing gear is necessary because if you don’t have the right ice fishing gear, you may be exposed to many inconveniences.

For example, if you don’t have a proper ice fishing tackle, it will significantly reduce your fish catch. You won’t feel the nibbles properly, thus missing many catches.

Similarly, consider not having the appropriate apparel. In this case, you may find yourself shivering and freezing in the middle of a lake. Would you want to spoil your trip by catching a cold instead of a fish? That’d be terrible.

Must-Have Ice Fishing Gear in 2021

When you start something new, you want to be perfect at it; that’s the case with everyone. To do something correctly, you need all the tools required to do the job, just as in ice fishing.

Here is some serious must-have ice fishing gear that will make you look cool and professional upfront. Let’s start with your attire.

Ice Fishing Clothing

Cold wind repeatedly hitting you while you’re trying to enjoy would be a huge bummer. When going for ice fishing, proper attire is one of the most important factors to be considered.

You need to prepare yourself as if you’re going ten feet beneath the ice. The good part is that you can always remove a layer if you get hot.

It might be a little expensive, but the investment will be worth it. It’s going to complete your ice fishing gear for 2021, after all.

Dress in Layers

For the bottom layers, choose a material that will keep you warm. DO NOT use cotton. If you start sweating during the hot hours, it will be tough for your clothes to dry up.

On the other hand, go for waterproof for the upper layers.

To be specific, you should wear bib snow pants for your legs. At some point, your knees will touch the ice, and thus, they need to be water-resistant.

For the upper-body, you can wear any fabric (other than cotton) as a bottom layer. Polypropylene, for example, will help keep you dry. For the upper layer, a jacket would do best.

Try Covering 80% Of Your Body

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Your face, neck, hands, head, and feet are still uncovered. Make sure to take heavy boots, thick socks, scarves, gloves, and hats with you to keep yourself warm. Health comes first.

Ice Fishing Equipment

Having the right equipment in your ice fishing gear is extremely important. It is only then that you will be able to catch a good number of fishes.

Here are some suggestions for what you need to add to your ice fishing gear list this year:

An Ice Auger

Red bobber and fishing line in an ice fishing hole

If you’re planning to dig only a few ice holes, a manual ice auger will suit you best.  You’ll be able to cut off the expenses and transportation. Plus, you will be free from the restriction of having to charge batteries. 

But you may have to face this drawback: manual augers are hard to operate in thick ice.

In this case, power augers are an excellent option. Along with making a larger ice hole, it will save you from gas/oil mixing and engine maintenance. Additionally, it is a cleaner option – no exhaust fumes and no gas smell.

However, it may be very costly.

Ice Fishing Tackle

The selection here depends upon the species you’re after. Ultra-light rods are suited for panfish, light rods for perch, and medium rods for whitefish.

Then, you need to consider the rod blank materials. Graphite is expensive but more sensitive. It’ll make it possible to feel every nibble.

Likewise, choose between a longer and shorter rod. A longer rod will provide more leverage while fighting fish. In comparison, shorter rods are more comfortable to use in closed quarters.

FAQs About Ice Fishing Must-Haves

The essentials and non-essentials in an ice fishing gear may get tricky. So, here’s a FAQ section to compensate for anything missed out in the article earlier.

What gear do you need for ice fishing?

An ice fishing gear for beginners is pretty much the same for any experienced angler. But what either of you needs to know is how to make the perfect ice fishing gear list. Some of the essential things you need are:

Can you ice fish with a regular rod?

You can ice fish with a regular rod, but using a specific ice fishing rod can be a game-changer. Being shorter, it allows you to fish in a confined space. It will enable you to sit closer to your ice hole and grab fish with your hand.

Is ice fishing better than regular fishing?

The type of fishing depends on what you like better, but I prefer ice fishing. It’s more calming and teaches you patience. It’s an excellent angling activity that you can do with your family. And yes, it’s also cheaper.

Last but not least, do the summer heat, and roughness bother you? If yes, you should consider ice fishing.


Ice fishing is a fun activity, but you need everything in the must-have ice fishing gear. But remember only to carry everything necessary. You will, no doubt, get to enjoy your trip to the fullest if you do so.

By the way, don’t forget that ice fishing gear storage is vital once the winter season ends. Ample storage will help you enjoy it all over again next year!

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